Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus play heavy music, sung in finnish, slowly, with thought and sullenness. Beautiful melodies combine with crushing wall of three guitars. The attitude is merciless; no apologies from anyone and one should really feel shame for being a member of the human race. In their lyrics Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus deal with ecological, social and personal tragedies, reminding the listener of the inevitable end of the worldbrought on by stupidity and vanity of man.

The idea of Trio Niskalaukaus (Trio Neckshot) was born in the summer of 1996 after
Rautiainen and the bassplayer Alaluusua left their previous band Lyijykomppania. They got into action next year when the personnel was found as drummer Seppo Pohjolainen of Aku Ankkuli, keyboardist Valtteri Revonkorpi and guitarist Teppo Haapasalo from Purity and guitarist Karri Rämö from Psyche Del Buzz joined them. Summer 1998 Revonkorpi left and Haapasalo was replaced by Jarkko Petosalmi of Paraxism. Spring 1999 Alaluusua was replaced by another member of Paraxism, Nils Ursin.

The debut album, mini-cd
Hävetkää! (Shame!), out in fall 1997, was appraised widely and the first full-length effort Lopunajan merkit (Signs of the end) in the winter 1999 received among others these raving reviews in music magazines of Finland: "...the result is uniquely marvellous" (Soundi), "The unbelievably massive wall of guitar breathes in spite of global pollution and the music reaches from time to time breath-taking peaks..." (Rumba), "...the blockage in the tear-ducts moves into throat" (Toinen Vaihtoehto), and "Lopunajan merkit is an album that stops you, which is rare nowadays" (Kouvolan Sanomat).