Wait ... wait ... no javascript?

Sorry. This chat.app depends on javascript.

Wait ... no CSS?

Sorry. This lack makes chat.app look pretty .. bad.

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Things to try out

type some text
type your message below 'broadcast:' button
change your user name
go to 'user:' box and type a new user name
change channel
go to 'channel:' box and type a new channel name
anyone online
check right sidebar under 'active others:' if there is someone online already; click their name and try to invite them to chat
check your channels
if your channels contain link like ':aqr2d2:de4osw:' then you have active private channel
invite a friend
send your friend an email with url like: http://gamma.nic.fi/~jmp/chat/app.html?friend@channel
send urls
paste url like http://www.google.com/ to broadcast area
send image urls
paste and broadcast image url like http://www.ultraweaver.com/downloads/files/smiley.jpg
stay for a while
stay at doorway channel and see who comes online
clear message
push 'clear messages:' and your message display is cleared; and this has no effect on server side
and server forgets
chat.app server forgets messages fast, so when 'your channels:' part is empty, all your messages are already forgotten
print chats
if you want to save a chat, then just print it
more about chat.app
click following link and read more about chat.app