Our first Akita 'Kim' at 7weeks

Krugs Big Mac of Littlecreek (imp) x Krugs Goshens Spirit of Hijo of Littlecreek (imp)

Kim was a consistent winner in breed and variety, stakes etc., before CC's became available for the breed.

'Kim' at 8 mths

'Kim' - 1yrs at Birmingham show

At the time I did a lot of obedience with my Border Collies and Kim was in regular training as well which she thoroughly enjoyed. We trained up to Test 'A' and also worked on scents, which she mastered without a problem. However, heel work proved more than she was prepared to accept. On the lead, fine, we did well........... off the lead ?? was another story. This was something totally in Kim's control as was any retrieve, done at her pace. Beautifully walked and presented..... if you wanted to wait half and hour. So we put competition work aside and enjoyed the fun !! Kim's temperament was outstanding, top dog but not so top that she couldn't enjoy the Collies and puppies. Loyal, confident and steady and so gentle with it.

'Kim' - on holiday in Scotland '88

'Kim' - 10 yrs

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