Ingledene - A brief History

Our first bitch was purchased in 1967 , her name was Braidule Golden Tania and although she did not figure much in the show ring , she was the one responsible for getting us started in breeding and showing these beautiful dogs. From her first litter we kept a bitch puppy Ingledene Lady Pippin, responsible for getting us totally hooked on showing , she was much better than her dam as far as the judges were concerned and gained some super wins. When she came of age she was mated and again we kept a bitch puppy from the litter Ingledene Gypsy Girl. Althought these three Collies do not figure in our present day lines they remain very special and paved the way our future life around Collies was to develop.

In 1972 we purchased a young tricolour bitch Leawyn Annabelle Of Ingledene and from her our line of to-day has developed. Mated to Irish Champion Pattingham Paymaster she produced Ingledene Black Rose and later , mated again to a Pattingham male which we owned , she produced two notable tricolour daughters Ingledene Black Sequin and Ingledene Black Silk.

To - day , our hugely successful bitch line can be followed back to Sequin and Rose produced a Champion daughter in Ingledene Blue Rain. Silk gained fame by producing an outstanding litter to our blue merle Smooth male Jalonda's Bryony Of Ingledene. From this we kept a tricolour SMOOTH male who became Champion Ingledene Inca. He produced two Champions in one litter , namely Ch's. Peterblue Rover and P. Robyn and through these his line can be traced in many top winning European smooths.

Our policy is to breed from sound , healthy stock with good mentaly. We produce on average only one or two litters per year and keep a relatively small home kennel and feel justly satisfied with the successes our dogs' have gained both here at home and in other countries around the world.

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