Steel Fighters


Steel Fighters is a traditional 2d space shoot-em-up, where two to eight players fire at each other with odd weaponry while trying to maneuver their own ship in narrow caves. The element of exitement is produced by almost continous action and the task of protecting your own ship while trying to destroy the others.


Requirements (v. 1.4)

- Mac OS X

Requirements (v. 1.3):

- CPU: PowerPC
- 16 bit color and at least 640x480 res
- Memory: 4541 kb
- Disk space: 4.3 Mb
- Input Sprocket
- QuickTime
- Appearance Library
- System 7.5 - 9.1



Steel Fighters 1.4

Steel Fighters 1.3.2 / Intsys Finland

Steel Fighters 1.3.2 / Nic Finland

Extra Levels:

Suppa (Legend)
pErŠpOhjola ppm
The Rock henez
0dyssey henez
Marsh Unknown
SubWorld pbl
The Maze A. Heinz
Cave of Darkness H. Fong
Blimp zone -




-Renoved and partially rewritten
-Bug fixes and finetuning
-Mac OS X compatible
-Supports multiple resolutions


-Faster antialiasing
-Fixed problems with randomiser and 2ndary weapons
-Newer MAD music library
-Supports mp3s (with Quicktime 4 )
-New level
-Ship colors can be changed
-Supports Appearance lib (OS 8 / newer or System 7.5 with appearance library)
-Small fixes


-2 new weapons
-4 new ship models
-Couple new effects
-2 New levels
-Limited ammo (option)
-Fixes and optimising
-Neutral troopers can use missiles (option)
-Level can contain small description text
-Less bugs introduced in earlier versions
-Some ships will not be randomed inside ground (not 100% guaranteed)
-FlameThrower works on each ships


-Music files work better
-Plays CD tracks
-IonCloud works correctly
-Fixed trooper cpu control
-Kagi register system
-Much better FlameThrower
-Several bug fixes


Copyright ColdSteel Software 2002