Beer Sippper 1.2


Beer Sippper is based on an addictive gametype of wormgames. The goal in Beer Sippper is to collect those beer cans to get your worm as drunk as possible, but watch out the worm really gets drunk and starts shaking. You must avoid to be hit by yourself or the arena walls, which are deadly. Beer Sippper took three days to make, but was so fun to play that we end up to release it. This game was made during finishing our main product Steel Fighters.




- 68k Macintosh or PowerMac
- System 7 - Mac OS X
- Disk space: 264 - 376 kb
- Memory: 600 - 2500 kb
- 256 colors or more (recommended)
- 640x480 resolution or higher




Beer Sippper 1.2 for Mac OS X

Beer Sippper 1.2 for other System/OS version

Beer Sippper 1.1 (68k/Carbon)

Source codes (Codewarrior & Project Builder)

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