Me and our "Dame"
INT & Nord & FIN & EST & N & S & DK Ch FIN JW'03 SW'06 W'08
Black Gary La Grande Dame in summer 2007

We purchase our first collie in 1984 , only for a pet with which we could play and go for a walk. He was a bluemerle male who name was FIN Ch Vesimiehen Mainos-Katko "Niki". But however we got interested in showing him and he became a very impressive show collie and he finished his champion title very easily. One year later we purchase for Niki's companion a sable male puppy named Finn Arrow Bestman "Peni". He never became such a good show dog like "Niki" was, but he had a splendid character for obedience and agility.

When you give one finger for your hobby , it takes the whole hand very soon and that happened to us, too. So in 1988 moved in a tricolour male called FIN&EST&SP Ch JK2 Finn Arrow Black Gary . "Laku" was a great show- ,obedience- and working collie and he was left a good number of offspring, too. One and half years later we got our first bitch, Laku`s full sister Finn Arrow Black Jessica. She is first mother of our bluemerle/tricolor bitch line.
Few years later we imported two sable collies, a male and a bitch from Ingledene, Britain. Their names are FIN&S&DK&EST Ch Ingledene Dream Lover and Ingledene Love Me Tender, who is first mother of our sable bitch line. That all was a start for Black Gary rough collies.

We got our kennelname Black Gary in 1992, when we also bred our first litter. What has happened since then - that you can reason when you are surfing on our sites....Hope you enjoy !

We are not breeding a lot, only one or two litters / year. All our litters are eyetested at the age of six weeks. The whole potential breeding stock is eyetested, hip scored and mentaltested. Here you can look at their mentaltest results (sorry in finnish) and also all our collies results (Kennel Club - KoiraNet). Have a look at also our pedigree map (opening to new window).

I live in Lappeenranta with my husband Jyrki. Our dogs are our family members and they live inside the house with us. Most of all our dogs are just pets and our companions. Also all our litters are raised at home where the pups are part of normal family life.

Our aim is to breed rough collie of good health, -temperament and the conform to the breed standard. Collies flying and sound movements are our passion ! We had have proud to own and bred some collies like we had dream about.

Best wishes,

Me and our first three collies in summer 1989
Ch Finn Arrow Black Gary - Finn Arrow Bestman - Ch Vesimiehen Mainos-Katko