"Astrolabe" (we changed the name in the beginning of 2002) was found at the fall of 2001 in Jyväskylä Suomi Finland.We noticed that we have quite same musical intrests and started to play some songs.
Our music is based on emotions and atmospheres and also groovy rhythms and melodic riffs. There are few bands which have
influenced more than the others in the musical way of Astrolab...The gathering, Faith no more, Pink floyd and Radiohead.
At this page you can hear some samples of our songs.

*Astrolab crew*

Line-up :

No picture yet...

Saila Nykänen -
Vox, oral expressions
Favourite bands at the moment:
A perfect circle, The Gathering, Tori Amos

J.Luomala -
6-string layers and efx from sputnik
Favourite bands at the moment:
The Gathering, Tool, Sigur Rós
Gear : Gibson Les Paul, Johnson J-station pre-amp, Peavey amp+cabinet, Jim Dunlop wah-wah

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Aku -
40 Hz fretted(less)
Favourite bands at the moment:
Sunny day real estate, Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat, Pink floyd
Gear : Hohner B bass IV, Ibanez CT "Aku Rissanen signature" fretless, Boss LMB-3

Simo Orpana -
Beats & percucssion
Favourite bands at the moment:
Kingston wall, Guano Apes, Primus
Gear : Mapex mars series, Istanbul & Paiste cymbals


Astrolab c/o Simo Orpana
kekkolantie 31 a 16 b
40520 Jyväskylä