This gallery page collects photos of various figures I have painted under the same roof. Many of the units shown here I have commission painted. Some are from my personal collection.

Flames of War fans might recognize my work from FoW forum, where I post under the screenname iAugustus. Also some units are featured in Art of War book by Battlefront. Here you'll find more photos of the said units.

I hope this page functions as a simple but somewhat effective and easy to use gallery of my work.

The lastest updates: Blitz BEF and Kelly's Heroes Germans.

For sale: Finnish Pioneer Platoon

Feedback and commission enquiries are welcomed. Regards,


15mm WWII Figures Comparison Shot (Skytrex Command Decision, Legions East, Battlefront, Peter Pig and Resistant Roosters currently)

15mm Waffen-SS Company Aachen
W-SS HQ with Snipers
W-SS Heavy Platoon
W-SS Panzergrenadiers in Aachen
W-SS Panzergrenadiers Near Aachen
W-SS Panzergrenadiers in Countryside
7,5cm Pak40 Platoon
W-SS Nebelwerfers
W-SS Pioneers in Ruins
1/72 World War II
Blitz BEF
Kelly's Heroes Germans
Martello Int Early War Germans
Martello Int Italians
Martello Int Selous Scouts(not so WWII)
Martello Int Afghan Insurgents(not so WWII)
TQD Heer AFV Mechanic Set
TQD WWII Era Kriminalpolezei
TQD Erwin Rommel
15mm Waffen-SS Company Arnhem
W-SS Heavy Platoon
Odds and Ends
W-SS Panzergrenadier Platoon in Arnhem Ruins
W-SS Panzergrenadier Platoon Near Arnhem
W-SS Panzergrenadier Platoon Countryside
18mm Dutch-Belgian
18mm Eureka British Line
18mm AB British
15mm Waffen-SS Company Arnhem #2
W-SS Nebelwerfer Battery
W-SS Pak 40 Platoon
W-SS 3.7cm Flak Platoon
W-SS Tank Hunters Schwimmwagen
W-SS Tank Hunters
W-SS Tank Hunters MC Combos
W-SS Casualties Etc.
20mm WWII #1
Lamercraft Ardennes Command
Elhiem Waffen-SS Officers
Elhiem Russians
Elhiem Heer Soldiers
Eureka Winter War Finns
Fantassin Winter War Finns
Finnish 20mm L-39 Anti-tank Rifle
Various Summertime Finns
Styer 3/4 tonne Truck
15mm Heer Aufklarungsschwadron
HQ and Heavy Platoon
Aufklarungs on Bikes
Aufklarungs Dismounted
Sd Kfz 234/2 Puma Patrol
StuG Platoon Support
Pak 43 Platoon Support
20mm WWII #2
Sgts' Mess Scotish Soldiers
Sgts' Mess German Soldiers
Sgts' Mess British Soldiers
Sgts' Mess Refugees and Workers
20mm Battlefield Germans
20mm Eureka Japanese
20mm Eureka Australians
20mm Foundry Italians
20mm Foundry Japanese
20mm Foundry 8th Army
15mm German Waffen-SS #1
12th SS HJ Command and Tankers
12th SS HJ 1st Platoon
12th SS HJ 2nd Platoon
15cm sIG33 Heavy Infantry Guns
7.5cm Pak40 ATGs
2cm Flak
7.5cm leIG18 Light Infantry Guns
Assault Rifle Platoon
15mm German Heer
Nebelwerfer Battery
Nebelwerfer Battery #2
7.5cm leIG18 Light Infantry Guns
German Vehicles
Heer Infantry
15mm German Waffen-SS #2
Individual Waffen-SS
10.5cm Artillery Battery
Pioneer Platoon
Panzergrenadier Platoon
Company HQ, Snipers, HMGs, Mortars
Greatcoated Platoon
Panzergrenadier Platoon
15mm WWII British
Skytrex British Individual Photos
HQ and 1st platoon
British 2nd Platoon
British 3rd Platoon
15mm German Luftwaffe
8.8cm FlaK 36 Battery
15mm Fallschirmjäger force
15mm Fallschirmjäger force #2
15mm Fallschirmjäger force #3
Sd Kfz 10/5 Platoon
15mm Other Allies
Canadian HQ with snipers
Canadian Infantry Platoon
Canadian Infantry Platoon
Canadian Infantry Platoon
Canadian Artillery and AT guns
US Armored Infantry
15mm Soviet Union
120mm Mortar Platoon
Objective Marker
45mm ATGs & 82mm Mortars
2-Platoon Company
Infantry Platoon
ZIS-3 guns
10mm ACW
28mm Shadowforge
15mm Finland
Finnish HQ with ATRs
Finnish Pioneer Platoon
Mortar and HMG Platoon

Pictures are copyright Antti Heiskanen. All rights reserved.